JP’s 5 for Friday 1/11/2019

1. The 4- Hour Work Week By Tim Ferriss: I read this book in record time this week and am currently reading it again. Not only is it amazingly motivational but it has more than a few key concepts and best practices that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to help you live your best life. Some of my biggest take aways from the 4-Hour Work Week are:
A. Fear-setting: Writing down your biggest fears. Naming the beast, so to speak, and then logically and methodically outlining how, if the worst case scenario were to happen, how you would be able to overcome that situation and move on with your life. This is an incredibly liberating process that frees you from  your own self imposed mental slavery.
B. Dreamlining: Writing down your biggest life goals, your dreams, and then breaking down how to make those dreams a reality, down to the nuts and bolts of financing your dreams…Neither this exercise nor fear-setting are easy, but they do set you up to live your best life. Taking control of your life and becoming the captain of your own ship is hard, but there is no other way to live a truly free life. Accept the responsibility to be your best self…or bend the knee…either way the choice is yours. No one said living a free and responsible life would be easy. Taking ownership of everything you do and say and think everyday is incredibly hard…but what’s the alternative?
and here is Tim ferris explaining How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to your Life.
D. Parkinson’s Law:  Parkinson’s Law basically says that any given task will swell in perceived importance and difficulty in relation to the amount of time you allow yourself to finish it. Here is a great video of Tim Ferriss breaking down how to overcome Parkinson’s Law and Procrastination to achieve your goals.
2. Charles Bukowski…One of my favorite poets of all time! And the Collection of his poems I am perpetually reading is “Sifting through the Madness for the Word The Line The Way.”

Here is one of my favorites…”So you want to be a writer.”

3. A Poem for Friday Wallace Stevens

I first read about Wallace Stevens as I was reading The Breathing Method by Stephen King over Winter Break, as 2018 flipped to 2019, and I’ve been steady vibing on Wallace’s style since.

4. The Proposition…a remarkably dark movie written by Nick Cave…a super talented artist best known as the front man for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds…I was first introduced to Cave by Eric Spring with this track Dig Lazarus, Dig Lazarus…Check him out for real… Props to Jesse Kish for turning me on to this film!

5. J-Dilla…Dilla’s Delights Vol I

 Just some dope Beats Baby!
Two of my other favorite Dilla Albums:

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